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How to clean and maintain your pod system properly

Most pod system are draw activated, meaning all you have to do is fill your favorite salt nicotine into your pod, wait a couple of minute for the  ejuice to saturate the coils and take a puff. It's that simply. But there still cleaning and maintain that need to do after a while using it. Whether it is due to discrepancies build quality tolerances or wear and tear, the pod inside may leak at any times. When the juice leak and fall into the battery part, it might damage the device and you can't use it anymore. There are two method you can use to clean your pod system: dry cleaning and cleaning with rubbling alcohol. The method you use also depend on your situation. As a general rule, keep cleaning and check your pod every time you can to make sure the device working properly.

Dry cleaning

  1. Remove the cartridge (pod) out of the device
  2. There may me leaked juice in the connection pin at the bottom of the cartridge (pod), use tissue to wipe and clean it.
  3. Also check the top of the battery where it connect with the cartridge, clean the leaked juice as well. 

Rubbing Alcohol

  1. First remove your cartridge (pod) and then clean around.
  2. Use a Q-tip that has been lightly soaked in rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will help break down any congealed gunk that may have started to grow inside your device
  3. Next clean the connection pins just like in the dry cleaning, again with alcohol on the Q-tip. However, unlike the dry cleaning method, do not compress the springs. It is vital that you only gently clean around the pins without depressing them. Pusing down on the pins could allow rubbing alcohol to leak into your device, potentially causing permanent damage.

Other tips for using your pod system properly that you must remember

  1. Do not put your cartridge (pod) in the device when you are on a plane or go to the mountain (pressure changing make the pod leaking a lot)
  2. Take the cartridge (pod) out of the device when you don't use it
  3. Temperature: Ever left your pods in a hot car during a sunny summer day? You might have noticed that the e-liquid doesn’t handle heat very well. Leakage could be caused by sudden temperature increases. So always make sure to store your excess pods in a dark and cool place
  4. Don't draw too hard. Taking big, deep drags on a pod mod may lead to too much e-liquid going through the coil which cannot be vapourised properly. This usually proceeds to then leak out of the mouth piece. Try taking gentle drags to ensure the e-liquid is sufficiently vapourised
  5. Clear out any excess e-liquid. If your pods are leaking, luckily there's an easy fix. Disconnect the pod from the battery and place a piece of tissue on the bottom of the pod. Gently blow through the mouthpiece a few times and any excess e-liquid will be forced out and onto the tissue. Re-insert the pod and try again



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